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Network Signal Tower

Notifies network information immediately by light and alarm.

  • Cloud Communication (AWS / Azure)
  • SNMP (v3,v2c,v1)
  • HTTP(S)
  • SSH / RSH
  • Socket
  • Email Transmission
Rated Voltage: 24V DC
Tiers: Up to 5
Body Color: Off-white
Mounting: Stationary / Partition Mount / Wall Mount / Tripod (1/4 inch) / VESA Mount (75×75)
Protocol: HTTP(S) / SNMP(v3/v2c/v1) / SSH / RSH / PING / SOCKET / SMTP(S) / NTP
Sound Pressure: 80dB (at 1m)
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  • Supports various network protocols.
    Immediately reports events and abnormalities of network devices and systems with light and alarm.
  • Supports secure protocols such as HTTPS, SNMP v3, SSH. Secure communication with peace of mind.
  • Equipped with an SNMP device monitoring function in addition to dead/alive monitoring by PING monitoring. When the MIB information of the network device is actively acquired and the set conditions are met, the administrator is notified immediately by light and alarm.


  • Audible alarms
    Five preset alarms can be selected by command.

Various installation methods

A wall mounting bracket is also available as an optional accessory.
Wall Mounting Bracket  :NH-001
Partition Mounting Bracket:NH-002

Monitoring Functions


Email Transmission

Send email alerts of various network events to up to 8 addresses. The subject and body can be customized and can be automated to be sent in a variety of situations.

PING Monitoring

Ping up to 24 nodes simultaneously. While Ping is a basic diagnostic tool, the NHB Network Signal Tower is able to notify you based on your priorities. For example, low priority ping response failures may trigger a flashing light, while higher priority failures will trigger an alarm and send an email alerts, in addition to a flashing light.

Trap Monitoring

As one of the oldest standards for network equipment fault notification, most network devices support SNMP traps. The NHB Network Signal Tower is able to send, receive and analyze trap information and respond appropriately.


HTTPS Command

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an application-layer protocol designed within the framework of the Internet protocol suite. The NHB Series accepts HTTPS commands sent through a web browser or PLC to trigger NHB Series visual and audible alert functions.

SSH/RSH Command

Secure Shell(SSH) and Remote Shell (RSH) are a command line program that execute shell commands on remote hosts such as the NHB Series. SSH/RSH can be used to automatically run commands based on event information from network management software and various monitoring tools on the NHB Series to trigger visual and audible alert functions.

SOCKET Communication

Sockets allow communication between PCs and is used in a client-server application framework. The NHB Series accepts an application-level protocol called PNS (developed by PATLITE) to establish connection between client and server and to control visual and audible alert functions.


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