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USB-Controlled Multicolor Signal Beacon

Directly triggered and powered via USB interface, the NE-USB allows for easy single cord installation. With open architecture for custom programming compatible with Windows® and Linux, USB-enabled signaling can be used for a variety of applications.

  • Φ56mm
  • Windows®
  • Linux
  • USB
  • Mac
  • 7 Alarm Sounds
Rated Voltage: 5V DC
LED Color: Multi-color (Red, Amber, Green, Blue, White, Purple, Cyan)
Mounting Direction: All Directions (NE-WN-USB : Upright only if waterproofness is necessary.)
Mounting: Direct Mount / Wall Mount / Pole Mount
IP Rating: IP20 (NE-SN-USB) / IP65 (NE-WN-USB)
Sound Pressure: 65dB (NE-SN-USB) / 85dB (NE-WN-USB)
  • Features
  • Function
  • Applications
  • Optional Parts
  • Power over USB for single cable installation
  • Compatible with Windows® Linux and Mac
  • DLL software library included
  • Dedicated driver is not required as it is USB HID class compatible
  • Alarm Sound (High urgency alarms / Low urgency alarms) are ISO24501 (JIS S 0014) compliant.
    * NE-SW-USB
    * ISO24501 (JIS S 0014): Standards that consider the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Demo Software
    Confirm lighting, flashing, and alarm operation on the actual product.
  • Image
    (USB connector)
  • Image
    (USB connector)
  • Supports both DLL Control and Protocol Control
    Easily build programs with DLL specifications.
    Control by protocol specifications (except for Windows🄬).
  • A variety of light and sound combinations with one unit
    7 colors (red, amber, green, blue, cyan, purple, and
    white), 6 lighting patterns.
    7 alarm patterns, 10 volume levels.
  • Image
    Terminal Connection
    Display status for self-checkout and similar systems
  • Image
    Built into Equipment
    Status notification of PC controlled equipment like printers.
  • Image
    PC Connection
    Interlock software alarm
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