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    The New Signal Tower LR10 series has launched!

    This is a large, 100mm diameter Signal Tower that can be used outdoors.
    For more information on the LR10 series, click here.

    Available Options:
    LED Unit:           LR10-E-R/Y/G/B/C
    Buzzer Unit:          LR10-BW/LR10-BW-2
    Unit-securing Screw:    LR10-S-1/2/3/4/5
    Screw-secured Head Cover:LR10-001
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    UKCA marking and WEEE Command compliant model implementation

    ・5370 CE marked models will be updated.
      (Additional models may be added.)
    ・Phase-in schedule can be seen in the PDF listed below.
      (Scheduled to be updated monthly)
    ・Open "UKCA_WEEE_Compliant_Model_List.pdf" file
     and open search window with "Ctrl +F". Enter model number to search.
    ・UKCA marking will be madatory in the UK from January 1, 2023.

    UKCA_WEEE_ Compliance_Guide_20220527.pdf
    Change Notice_Marking_UKCA_20221012.pdf
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    "Declaration of Conformity / Certificate of Compliance" is now available for download.

    Products currently available for download

    Signal Tower:LR4・LR5・LR6・LR7
    Rotating Beacon:SKS・SKH・SKP・SKH-EA
    Flashing Beacon:SL08・SL10・SL15
    Multi-Function Beacon:SF08・SF10

    Déclaration de conformité / Certificat de conformité
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    The New Network Signal Tower with Voice Annunciator NHV4 / NHV6 series has launched!

    For more information on the NHV4 / NHV6 series, click here!

    Below is a list of mounting options:
    Wall Mounting Bracket  : NH-001
    Partition Mounting Bracket:NH-002
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    The USB Controlled Multicolor Signal Beacon NE-USB series has launched!

    For more information on the NE-USB series, click here!